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Currently I have 3 bull terriers  living  at home.  Living in a residential area & working fulltime limits the time and space I have available to properly care for a greater number of dogs - in the future I would love to move to a larger property that can better accommodate another bullie or two. 


I am a long standing member of the Kennel Club and several other Breed specific clubs including the United Bull Breeds Association.  I regularly travel to the UK to attend the UK Bull Terrier Club Trophy Shows and to evaluate potential new stud dogs.


A huge amount of time is required to successfully raise healthy & well adjusted puppies hence I do not breed on a regular basis. I do not breed to supply the pet market nor will you find my puppies advertised on Trademe, Facebook or the like.  I do not have multiple litters at once - this is something that should set off alarm bells. I will not use dogs that do not have health tests well within the normal range eg. a UPC of 0.2 is not acceptable at Raiden Bull Terriers


Please see the Litter Page for current, future & past breeding information.


Enquiries are always welcome and taken in strict confidence.



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