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Megavilles Sardonicus (UK)


Montana Dark Geisha Atraiden


March 2023 saw Peggy travel to Australia to live with Kelly @ Jotiff Kennels.  I have frozen semen from Hector (Napiers Candy Man) stored in Qld so it was decided that Peggy will be sent over and hopefully produce a pup that can return to NZ


Peggy is one of two girls that I have retained from Darcy.  She lived with Nicole Adams of Montana Kennels but in March 2023 I have sent her over to Jotiff Kennels in Qld, Australia.  The hope is that she will produce a litter using frozen semen from Hector (Napiers Candy Man) as the semen is not able to be bought back into NZ. 


Peggy is black, brindle & white and like her sister she is a substantional girl with a lovely headpiece for such a young dog.  


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