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Raiden Bull Terrier Puppies

Please read the below information before enquiring about a Raiden puppy



Each litter is carefully thought out and planned with the intention of retaining pups for my own breeding programme. Puppies are not sold in co-ownership or with breeding contracts. All puppies will be on the main NZKC Register in the new owners name but they will be endorsed 'Not To Be Bred From' This does not stop the dog being shown at all levels 'I encourage everyone to have a go at showing' but it cannot be used to sire or whelp a NZKC regd litter (this endorsement can be removed at a later date by the breeder unlike 'Lifetime Endorsements') Further information on all endorsements can be found HERE

Ethical breeders will breed only healthy dogs with passing test results and a sound temperament. In addition they will divulge any other health information in their dog’s background which is not available through testing. As there are other health issues which occur in the Bull Terrier besides known heritiary diseases, one should inquire about longevity, incidence of cancer, allergies & skin conditions or any other pertinent information.  Please visit the HEALTH page and familiarize yourself with known health problems.


All pups leave my property NZKC registered, wormed, flea treated, vacinated as appropriate for age and micro chipped.  I BAER test my pups however this is not always be possible.  Prof Joe Mayhew of Massey University (Palmerston Nth) is the only person able to BAER test in NZ but because pups can only be tested from 5wks onwards he is not always able to fly down to Christchurch at an age appropriate time but prior to pups leaving my property.   Producing healthy, happy, robust dogs is a must and to ensure the continued well being of my pups a puppy pack is given to all new owners - this includes a sample of their current food & information on feeding, health, training & exercise.

I don’t make a practice of putting other breeders down and will not answer questions about other breeders.  It is not my place to speak about someone else’s breeding programme, as it should not be theirs to talk about mine.  It is a highly unethical practice for someone to openly attack another breeder to anyone.  So please don’t email asking me about this breeder and that breeder or what I think of their dogs.  It honestly is up to you to decide which breeder you want to deal with.  I suggest you find the right breeder for you by doing your homework on the Bull Terrier as a breed (health, temperament, suitable home environment, conditions of purchase) so you are in a position to ask lots of questions & to also be able to answer the questions that will be put to you by a reputable breeder.  After talking extensively with a few breeders you should be able to make an informed choice as to which breeder you wish to purchase a dog from.

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